The Cameroon Olympic Movement was born 55 years ago due to the strong drive of the government of Cameroon to get its athletes participate in the Olympic games.

As a result of this drive, in 1963, a General Assembly comprising 9 sports federations held whose mandate was to create a purely Cameroonian Olympic Committee. At the end of this meeting, officials were appointed with Ernest WANKO as President.

Some months later, precisely on the 17th of October 1963, Mr. Ernest WANKO participated at the 60th International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in Baden-Baden in the Federal Republic of Germany during which the Cameroon Olympic Committee (COC) was incorporated as a member of the World Olympic Movement with full rights.

Since then, the activities of the Cameroon Olympic Committee are governed by the provisions of the Statutes in the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee and by the law governing the organization and operation of physical and sporting activities in Cameroon.

The CNOSC is the only legal guarantor of the Cameroon Olympic movement and is among the major sports players in the country. A wide range of the organization’s activities relates to the development of sports, the promotion of education as well as the Olympic values.

Over the last five (05) decades, the nomenclature of the sports organization has changed on two (2) occasions. In 1985, following the adoption of the term National Olympic Committee by the IOC at the Moscow Congress, the Cameroon Olympic Committee was modified and became the National Olympic Committee of Cameroon (CNOC).

In the year 2000, the name "Sportif" was added to the acronym, thanks to the Cameroon National Olympic Committee and the National Sports Council (a government structure), coming together to form what is now known as the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon (CNOSC).

Some Key dates

1963: Creation of the Cameroon Olympic Committee (COC)

October 17, 1963: Recognition of COC by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

2011: Recognition by the State of Cameroon through law n ° 2011/018 of 15 June 2011 on the organization and promotion of physical and sports activities. These activities are governed by the provisions of the Statutes of CNOSC and the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

1964: First participation of Cameroon athletes in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

1968: First Olympic medal (Silver medal in boxing) for Cameroon in Mexico.

1984: Second medal (Bronze medal in boxing), at the Olympic games in Los Angeles, USA.

2000: First Gold Medal (Football) at the Sydney Olympic Games,

2004 and 2008: Two successive gold medals (Women's Triple Jump) at the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games respectively.

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