National games of Cameroon (DIXIADES)



Once upon a time… the DIXIADES!

It is in 1996 that the idea of organizing National Games, now called “Dixiades” came up. This name was chosen because at its initial point, the name Dixiades implicated 10 days, between 10 regions and under 10 discipline, similar to the denomination “Spartakiades” (Games of Russia), “Maccabiades” (Games of Israel) and “Universiades” (University Games). This name “Dixiades” was submitted by one member of the commission and it was unanimously accepted by the entire assembly.

12 years later that is in 2008 the idea became concrete with the organization of the first edition of the Dixiades.

As the years go by, edition after edition, the Games evoluate moving from 10 disciplines to 12, then16 and presently the Games have 13 disciplines.

The number of athletes equally and delegations awaited for the Games greatlyincreased. This Multisport competition which united just athletes from the 10 regions of Cameroon will now gather athletes from the Central African Sub-Region.

First edition, Yaoundé 2008

The first edition of the National Games of Cameroon, Dixiades took place from December 12thto22ndthat year, in Yaounde the political capital of the country.

This first edition of the National Games of Cameroon witnessed the participation of 1600 athletes competing under the 10 disciplines of the competition which were; Basketball, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Boxing , le Judo, la wrestling, la Gymnastics and Athletics.


2ndedition, Ngaoundéré 2010

Ngaoundéré, is the second town which hosted the 2nd edition of the National Games of Cameroon from 16th to 20thDecember2010. During this edition the competitions aw the participation of 1400 athletes under 10 disciplines.



3rd  Edition, Douala 2012

 This third edition of the DIXIADES was held from the 17th to the 22nd December 2012 in the economic capital of Cameroon. Various changes are observed during this edition of the competition, first of all, female football is introduced in the competition to accompany male football which was already a discipline in the Games. We equally had weight lifting and cycling which were added as disciplines during that’s year edition. The adding of these two disciplines led to a total number of 12 discipline.

Another change recorded during this third edition of the National Games was the participation of some central Africa sub-regional countries.



4th  edition, Yaounde 2014

It is the second tile that the town of yaounde welcomes the National Games of Cameroon, Dixiades. For this edition, which is held from the 17th to the 21st of December 2014, the athletes competed under 12 disciples and we had the participation of athletes from the sub-region.


5th Edition, Ebolowa 2016

After the center region, the National Games of Cameroon were organized in the south region and the town of Ebolowa was chosen to host this edition of Dixiades from the 10th to the 15th December 2016. .


6th Edition, Bafoussam 2018

The town of Bafoussam, in the West region of Cameroon host the 6th edition of the Dixiades from the 15th to the 21st December 2018. The Town of Bafoussam welcomed 1490 athletes who competed under 13 disciplines. At the end of this edition, Bamenda was chosen to host Dixiades 2020.

Olympic Week



The Olympic Day is a day which puts forward the practice of sports and physical exercises for all. Initiated by the International Olympic Committee, the first edition was celebrated on the 23 June, 1948. The main objectives of this day are, promoting the education of Olympic values and the discovery of new sports disciplines.

Since March 2009, the pillars of this day are: “Move, Learn, and Discover “.

In Cameroon the celebration of activities for this day is done in 3 or 4 days reason why it is called the Olympic Week.


Olympic Week 2018 in Cameroon

The CNOSC through all its regional Olympic Committees, joint the 205 National Olympic Committees in the world to celebrate the 70 years of the Olympic Day.

This year, the celebration was done from the 21 to the 23 of june in the West region of Cameroon and the programme was as follows:

  • 21 June : Forum on the teaching of Olympic Values in the University of Dschang :
  • 22 June  : Learning of Olympic Values and discovering Tennis at the Bafoussam Tennis Club;
  • 23 June  : Olympic Day walk in Bafoussam (Departure: Senior Divisional Office of Bafoussam ; Arrival : Bafoussam city council .)


Olympic Week 2016 in Cameroon

This year, the Olympic week was celebrated in the ten regions of Cameroon from the 20th to the 23rd of June and had as main theme: “Move, Learn ,Discover”, “practice your sports at your pace… the most essential thing is to try to go above your limits”.


The 2016 edition of the Olympic Weak was under the sponsorship of a popular Cameroon international Basketball player, Richard MBAH à MOUTHE a professional basketballer who plays with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The event this year organized the activities in 4 days with learning, educative cultural and sports activities: “practice your sports with your best idols”, practice your sports with your federations”, “practice your sports at work”, “practice your sports at your pace”.


Sports at the service of Development and peace


Together with the International community, the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSC), celebrates every 6th April the day of Sports at the service of development and peace.



It is in 2013 that the General Assembly of the United Nation proclaimed the 6th April the International Day of Sports at the service of Development and Peace, thereby establishing a historical link with the opening date of the first Olympic Games in 1896. Thus since 2014, this date is celebrated every year.




Cameroon Olympic Awards


The “CAMEROON OLYMPIC AWARDS” is an event created by the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee in order to give recognition and merit to sports men and women playing in the National Championships of Cameroon. The ceremony place on a live TV show designed for the event.

The main objective of this event is to promote Sports excellence at the National level.

Four categories are given distinctions during the “CAMEROON OLYMPIC AWARDS”, namely:

  • The best sports athlete by federation  ;
  • The best sports athlete of the year by federations;
  • The best sports athlete of the year from all the federations, taken from the best sports athlete of the year by federation ;
  • The best sports athlete of the year for all the federations, taken from the best sports athlete of the year by federation.




The 1st Edition

The first of the “CAMEROON OLYMPIC AWARDS” was held on the 30th March 2012 at the Hilton Hotel Yaoundé. 22 sports federations were present this day namely: 

  • Athletics ;
  • Badminton ;
  • Basket-ball ;
  • Boxing ;
  • Cycling ;
  • Fencing  ;
  • le Football ;
  • Gymnastics ;
  • Golf ;
  • Weightlifting  ;
  • Handball ;
  • Judo ;
  • Wrestling;
  • Swimming  ;
  • Rugby ;
  • Taekwondo ;
  • Tennis ;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Shooting  ;
  • Horse ridding ;
  • Nautical sporst
  • Volley-ball.



« Grande Nuit des Arts Martiaux »

The first edition of the “Grande Nuit des Arts Martiaux et des Sports de combat” (GNAM) was organized by the CNOSC on the 27th November 2016 at the Yaounde multi sports complex. This event is an occasion to enable the public learn more on the most captivating martial arts practices and fighting disciplines.

During 2h30 minutes, 15 groups performed their demonstrations at the Yaounde multi sports complex.

The ceremony had as special guest the RIB. The rapid intervention battalion for the first time did a live performance, a way pay tribute to our elite force.

During 10 minutes, we had demonstrations based on the “TIOR”: Operational proximity Intervention Techniques.

All these activities had as aim to give a real sense to the spirit of the GNAM, which are Martial Arts and fighting Sports for the auto defense and protection of citizens, of the territory and of goods and services.

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