It was in respect of the barrier measures put in place by the Cameroon government that the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSC) held this Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at its headquarters in Yaounde, the graduation ceremony of the fifth batch of students of the Advance Course in Sports Management (CAMS).


This fifth batch named the Thomas Edison batch started training on the 23 April 2009.

Let’s recall that, the main objective of the CAMS is to provide sports actors with instruments and know-how which will enable them to promote ethics and good governance rules within their sport organizations as instructed by the International Olympic Committee, a point which was pointed out by the president of the CNOSC during his speech on this graduation day.

Methodologically the Advanced Course in Sports Management relies on bibliographic resources and practical cases, notably the book entitled: "Gérer les organisations sportives olympiques” which was elaborated by the Islamic Solidarity and the MEMOS (Executive Masters for the Management of Sports Organizations). This book contains six chapters namely:

  • Structuring an olympic and sports organization
  • Managing in a strategic manner
  • Management of financial resources
  • Managing marketing
  • Organizing great sports events

“During this training, you had short sleeps and days without rest, but all these moments are henceforth gone. You people will now realize in the coming days that, the efforts made were not in vain.” This was outlined by the president of the CNOSC, Hamad KALKABA MALBOUM.


The spokesperson of this fifth batch Mrs. Souadatou Djallo Kalkaba seized the opportunity to express the gratitude of the entire batch to the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee and did not forget to mention that “the diplomas given to them actually symbolizes the acknowledgment for all their efforts and thereby opens a new page, that of the concretization of their projects…”


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