Balogog Vanessa 17 October 2019


The National Olympic Committee offers scholarships to athletes who are preparing and try to qualify themselves for national and international competitions. The objective of this initiative is to help these athletes better prepare for these high demanding competitions. The committee equally offers scholarships to the coaches in order to enable them have the appropriate level for high level competitions and experience and knowledge.




Scholarships for coaches


In a bid to be up to date concerning the different coaching techniques in sports which are constantly changing, the CNOSC is in partnership with training center certified by the Olympic Solidarity for the training of high ranking coaches. This process led to the effective training of 13 Cameroonian coaches who graduated from the International Cycle of Elite Sports in Lausanne (Sweden). The list below constitutes the name of these graduates:

-          ADAMOU NGWA (Table Tennis)

-          ONAMBELE (Badminton)

-          MBALLA Clément (Weight lifting)

-          TSOUNGUI Clément (Wrestling)

-          EDZENTE Léopold(Judo)

-          MATONGO Pierre(Boxing)

-          PERPETUA (Handball)

-          MAZOUME Marie Chantale (Shooting)

-          KOLAIGUE (wrestling)

-          NDZANA Germain (Athletics)

-          MENGUE ME ZANGA Elisabeth (Badminton)

-          NGATCHA (Boxing)

-          ISHAGA (Athletics)


For the year 2015, IFOSE Emile MBELLA basketball coach participated in the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program in the USA.

In 2016, GARINGAM KANG ZENABOU weightlifting coach participated in the same program but in Paris for francophone coaches.