Balogog Vanessa 17 October 2019


The CNOSC accompanies prominent athletes by placing them in better conditions for them to succeed and be ready for the 2018 Rio Olympic Games. Here we have various talented athletes in their respective disciplines:  

Prominent Athletes:

1-       ELEME ASSE Marie Gisèle (Athletics)

2-       CHARIFA BENAZIR Labarang (Athletics)

3-       ABESSOLO BIVINA Germaine (Athletics)

4-       AKOA BENGONO Christine (Boxing)

5-       FEUGNO Cédric Patient (Weight lifting)

6-       NJOYA AHMED (Weight lifting)

7-       EYOUM Frédéric (Weight lifting)

8-       MATAM Olivier (Weight lifting)

9-       MEUKEUGNI NOUBISSIE Clémentine (Weight lifting)

10-   ELOUNDOU NGA Linda (Tennis)

11-   ELOUNDOU NGA Manuela (Tennis)

12-   GAMO KAMDEM Catina Johnson (Tennis)