Balogog Vanessa 17 October 2019


 This subsidiary programme “Educational Programme on Olympic Values”, which enables the promotion of culture and Olympic education through the bias of a development assistance of specific activities which link sports and culture in all dimensions, and also by the implementation of Olympic educative programmes.

Pierre de Coubertin estimated that sports can contribute to the harmonious and balanced development of the body, the personality and the spirit to this effect, the relation between sports and culture is encouraged by the Commission Olympic Culture and Education. The objectives of this commission are to promote the Olympic movement and Olympic ideologies in the world and to reinforce the cooperation between teaching institutions and the National Olympic Committees on projects which will mostly target the youths. With an Olympic education, the youths will preserve their interest for sports and exercise a physical activity. By collaborating with the NOC, the commission organises various manifestations which will aim at promoting the synergy between sports and other similar activities: literature, painting, sculpture, drama for instance. The programme culture (festival of arts) proposed during Olympic Games is examined and approved by this Commission.