Balogog Vanessa 17 October 2019


Amongst the sub programmes of the CNOSC, medical sports occupies a privileged place. Medical sports is a specialist domain which particularly treat issues concerning physiology, biology of sports, but also interested in specific practices of sports. These sub programme has as main aim to develop and communicate on scientific medical technics of sports and reinforce educative programmes in order to ensure th health of athletes. The Olympic movement respects its responsibility of taking care of the rights, the health and the well-being of athletes very seriously.

The medical Commission was initially created to manage its main priority which was to fight against doping. Today, the fight against doping is assured by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The education mission of the IOC equally has a preventive role, which is to inform the top profile athletes and the amateur athletes on the devastating consequences of doping on their health. The other major objective of the Commission is to support research on medical sports, biomechanics, sports psychology and nutrition in order to preserve the health of athletes. In Cameroon, , through the    CNOSC, some work is done to encourage this project with for instance seminars like the one in Ebolowa in 2016 on cardiology, traumatology, kinesiotherapy during the national Games which were organised there. But before this seminar, some training sessions were equally organised still in relation to this programme, these are some examples: 

-In January 2012, organised by the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, under the supervision of the UNESCO, the seminar was under the theme “Elaboration of an anti-doping legislation in sports”, held in Yaoundé. The CNOSC was represented by Prof. NDAM NJITOYAP Claude, General Director of the National Anti-Doping Agency of Cameroon.

- In June 2014, Dr ADOUM AHMAT, surgeon doctor participated in a training internship in medical sports in the 6th anti-doping training by the International Sports Federation for the Islamic Solidarity at the, MOULAY RASHID sports centre in Rabat, Morocco.