Balogog Vanessa 17 October 2019



The Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee wants through this Sub Program promotes sports in general and the practice physical activities in particular for all social classes without distinction. The movement sports for all aims at promoting the practice of sports the regular practice of sports for all individuals in the society without distinction of age, sex and their social and economic situation.

The commission of Sports for All of the IOC was created in 1983. Its mission was to support initiatives and projects which were in this line all around the world. Every year it hence its moral and financial support to manifestations on Sports for All organized by the NOC in five continents. These manifestations can contain various activities, but the main selection criteria was that the manifestation should be accessible to everyone willing to participate. In Cameroon, events in line with this sub program are organized in the ten (10) regions of the country during the Olympic week. The CNOSC choses a town to celebrate this big Olympic event.